Frequently Asked Questions

No, for participation you need to have the skills to play the instrument or to sing. Before enrolling in a session, you will have an audition with a curator.

You need to register on the platform and install the application on your computer. We also recommend to install the application Camp Organizer

No, the platform requires installation, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the rehearsal and record before the concert. The platform is free and easy to install. If you have any difficulties with installation, please contact us.

Yes, you don’t have to install the app Camp Organizer, but we recommend you to install it and to be aware of the schedule and follow the results of your team

Usually there are 5 kids in the group

The concert takes place on the Zoom platform in real time. The hosts of the show  introduce the participants and show their pre-recorded performance. After performance, the jury and the audience vote.

No, participation in the concert is obligatory.

The winner is determined by the voting of the jury and the audience. Voting ratio 50:50

In the additional course, you are provided with videos and homework. To check your homework and your progress, you meet with the curator in your free time of rehearsals

No, you can only take an additional course together with the session, because you will be checked by your curator

Yes, you can participate in the session and not buy an additional course

Yes, you can choose any song in the theme of the session

Yes, invite your friends to the group with you. If there are 6 kids in your team, you will get a discount

If you did not find the answer, write to us and we will tell you more