Play music.

Invite friends.

Music online camp for children 
from 10 to 18 years old

Immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere in our thematic sessions

Play your favorite songs with your friends in our thematic sessions, find new sounds together and perform with us at the final concert. We will help you create your own musical parts, improve your playing skills and prepare your performance

Online rehearsals

Rehearse with a band and record your performance with the comfort from your home

Interesting sessions

At the sessions, we consider a large number of directions and styles in music


At the end of each session, we organise concerts and award prizes to the winners

Choice of any song

You can choose any song, and we will adapt it to your band
and to your skills

You can choose any direction to participate in the session

Join us to create your own musical group
and take part in the concert

Vocal Group

Compose your own vocal version of famous songs to sing together with friends

Instrumental Group

Team up with friends to find new interesting sounds of instrumental

Musical Group

Create your own real musical group. Cover your favourite songs or play your own

“Our children are always happy to attend our classes. It's an opportunity for them to discover their inner creator, improve their musical abilities, make new friends, and gain the experience of performing in public. For children, visiting our camp is always one of the greatest event”

Learn more about our sessions and process

This is a music camp.

The session in the camp lasts 3 weeks, rehearsals are organised  every day on weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00. On the last day on Friday, there is an online concert with performances by the participants’ session

For rehearsals, we use the free platform You can read more about the requirements here.
We also use the Camp Organizer platform to organize schedules and achievements. Read more here.

Each group has a curator who conducts rehearsals and individual lessons with the participants. The curator conducts an introductory lesson, helps to choose a song and compose a part, as well as prepare a recording for the performance.

At the end of each session, we organize an online concert competition, where the winners win a free entry to the next session and one additional course to choose from. The winners are determined by the voting of the jury and the audience.

Add more interesting courses in your session

Add interesting courses to your sessions to make them various and brighter

Song Writting

In this course, you will be able to write your own text and learn how to put words to music

Music Writting

In this course, you will learn how to create a main melody and accompaniment 

Electronic music

In this course, you will learn how to create electronic music and record a sound

Frequently Asked Questions

No, for participation you need to have the skills to play the instrument or to sing. Before enrolling in a session, you will have an audition with a curator.

You need to register on the platform and install the application on your computer. We also recommend to install the application Camp Organizer

Usually there are 5 kids in the group

The concert takes place on the Zoom platform in real time. The hosts of the show  introduce the participants and show their pre-recorded performance. After performance, the jury and the audience vote.

In the additional course, you are provided with videos and homework. To check your homework and your progress, you meet with the curator in your free time of rehearsals

Yes, invite your friends to the group with you. If there are 6 kids in your team, you will get a discount